Friday, June 20, 2008

Paper Scrapping Fun

Hello. Well, today I've been scrapping the entire morning. I thought I give the digital world a rest and do some paper scrapping. I'm new at scrapbooking (since December) and I know that in order for me to become better and be able to "master" this scrapping world, I must do it more often. So I've done three layouts today. I'm beginning to get loose and not worry so much about messing up or worrying about weather I'm doing it correct or not, or how balanced the layout is, etc...
I just decided I want to have fun with it, add whatever I can find, and make memories out of my photos!

You could see more detailed photos here.

Okay, so yesterday afternoon, I got this in my mailbox waiting for me:

I had ordered this book at amazon last week and had completely forgotten about it. I think is an awesome book. I believe there's more inside of me that I could give out to the world, creatively speaking. I just don't know how to bring it out sometimes. I read in another blog that this book helped her (sorry I can't remember which blog) become the artists she is and to be happy, accomplished and complete after reading this book. So I knew that I had to get this book because I'm in desperate need of a boost, I want to be complete, to feel good about being a designer, an artist, a photographer, etc.. It was once told to me that I have been given many gifts by God but they were all bundled up in box. I need to let them out of that box! But I need help. We all need help once in a while, right? Specially when we fall into those artistic blocks, we need new ideas, refresh our inner beings and allow our hearts to speak, to create things, to be free, to express ourselves through art, designs, photographs...

I even started highlighting and taking notes! Is never too late, right? Or too old, or too tired, or too busy, right? This is a new day, a beginning for us to create, and become better!

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