Thursday, June 19, 2008

Upsetting Day!

Today has been an upsetting day for me... too many things going on right now. I hate feeling this way! Circumstances make me feel so "down" and without any energy sometimes, today is one of those days. But oh well, I guess tomorrow is another day...I keep telling myself... one day at a time... one day at a time... Besides, I don't want to make anyone feel upset either so let's change the subject. After all, I managed to create this layout today:

This is what I want to be right now... a paper doll, no worries, no tears, only fun, fun, fun.


Julie Ann Shahin said...

I saw this at SIS TV! Congrats on the Catwalk. Can I ask what the credits for this layout are? I love the paper dolls.

Diana Cornielle said...

All of the papers and the vintage dolls were from a free download site. Papers and most of the embellishments were from blue paisley papers. The vintage paper dolls I really can't remember because they were from a free download blog and I downloaded so many things that day that I messed up on who's was who's!I know I should have had it written right away. I will try to find out, though. I will let you know when I do, sorry about that. Text is "Fairytale Alpha, paper pieces" by Jacque Larsen.