Friday, May 16, 2008


I must start by saying that I started Weight Watchers two days ago! I really think is time right now for me to make this commitment! I have to keep telling myself that this is for health reasons more than for looks! Yeah, looking great is important but I know that health should be first. I need to do this for me! I am also joining Bally's again. Wish me luck!
Anyway, I've been thinking that is time for me to start building my website. I know I still have a lot to learn but, I could always update and make changes to it as time passes. I really don't have too much work worth to put up yet, on the site, but that may also be updated as I go along in this Design field! Another thing I want to do this summer is to make changes to my projects to improve them and make them work better! I also want to scrapbook some pages. I haven't done it in a while now, miss doing it. What else? Let's see...
Yeah, I've been trying to get back into reading. I have so many books at home that I haven't read, I think I need to get through them this summer! So many plans.... so little time!

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