Monday, May 19, 2008

Plans, goals, life!

I went to the thrift store today to try to find some good reads for this summer. Found quite a few, 20 to be exact! The good thing is I only spend $5.00 on all of them. Not bad, huh? I have so many books that haven't been read yet. I'm almost done with "The Guardian", which I had started long time ago and never finished it. It was pushed to the side because I just wasn't in the mood for it. I'm almost done with it now and then I'll be moving on to another book. I would love to read at least one book every other week. We'll see...
In another note, I just wanted to mention if I didn't already, that I had all A's and B's this semester again and I feel so happy and accomplished. I am really happy just because I was almost giving up the last weeks and wasn't putting much effort and strength to my classes. I was feeling very exhausted and wanted to quit! But I didn't ofcourse. It's hard being a mom, wife, and full time student. There's times where I just want to quit but I know that I have a purpose and a goal I have to meet. God knows how hard it is though, to have to give up many things just so that I can accomplish this goal. God will give me the strength to keep going, I know He will and besides I am not a quitter and I stick to the end!
Okay, now that I just poured out a little of my stressful life I would like to say that tomorrow I hope to digi-scrap. I haven't done it in a few months so I think is time to start having some fun again! I hope I can post it as soon as I'm done with it. I have quite a few pictures I never got to post which I hope I could do it also.
Moving to another matter, hubby, the kids and I will be going to the Wolf Lodge this weekend. I'm really excited because we have been wanting to spend time together as a family for a while now but haven't had the chance to. Hubby has been working too hard, me going to school and the poor kiddos being bored... this summer I would like to take them out as much as I can. They are growing up too fast and I want to enjoy every moment with them before they get any older.
As for Weight Watchers, I'm actually doing good. Went a little over my points last week but this week I will try to not mess up any day. I lost 2 lbs already and it hasn't been a week yet! I'm so excited and motivated. I Hope things keep going well in this area for me, lol. Well thanks for reading!

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