Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Good morning everyone! Today I'm feeling very inspired. I want to get to my art journal, scrap, take photos, paint and do so much more! Hehehe! I love it when these creative moods seem to want to jump out of me. Lol!
Today is very cloudy and a little chilly here in this part of the woods. I can't wait for summer to get here. I really need the warm weather. This winter was bad up here. I think I had enough!

I think this summer I need to do a yard sale. I've been wanting to for the past two year. My garage is full of stuff for sale. I specially have lots of daycare stuff from 2006 when I had my home daycare. Maybe next week I'll start to gather up more things from my attic and get it into the garage. Once there, I'll start to clean out and organize things for the yard sale. My kids have been driving crazy with this "Yard Sale". They think they're getting all the money (little do they know...hahahaha!!!!). Just kidding, they'll get some if they help out.
Okay I'm off to get my creative ideas to work but before I let you go I'll leave you off with this video: Enjoy!

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