Friday, July 25, 2008


Hello. I wasn't going to blog today but I thought maybe I should since I probably won't be doing it very often from now on and I also wanted to give you an update on my new project. I have started reorganizing my home. Sort of like spring cleaning and decorating. I've taken out 3 garbage bags full of junk! And I'm still not close to being done! How in the world did I get my home full of all this garbage? I am moving my youngest upstairs with my daughter and I'm turning his current room into my office/photography/art/craft room. My tiny studio! I've been throwing things away, rearranging, cleaning out the closets, gosh, so many things at once! I tend to do that a lot. I get all these ideas and I just want to tackle them all at once and I want them finished all in a day-which-it's NOT happening! At least not when it comes to redecorating your home! I got some great ideas though. Since money has been tight around this house I'm planning to refurnish and spray paint some stuff I had up in a storage closet. Things that I hadn't seen in years 'till yesterday. I'm so excited. I have a little bit of vintage stuff and probably planning to pay the thrift store a visit soon. I'm sure I'll find other things to add to the art room! I'm also starting to paint tomorrow, alone, since hubby has to work (again!). I'm not waiting for him anymore. I'm doing it by myself. Tired of waiting for people to help me.
Then I'm moving my way up, room by room until the entire house is painted. My house consists of 4 1/2 bedrooms, living room, dinning room, kitchen, bathroom, basement (which is the laundry room, and where the kids play, watch tv, play games, etc... in other words is the messiest room in the house!). I don't know if I could wait until we paint some of these rooms before we get to my craft room.... I can't wait to see it all put together! I think I'll skip some rooms and go for mine next after I'm done with the kitchen (wink), hehehe.
Here's a small tour of the chaos that's going on in these two rooms:

This is the attic. My daughter's room and soon to be my son's room. I'm standing in my son's side of the room facing towards my daughter's side of the room.

My son's soon to be space. We need to get him a bed also. He's still using a small one, crib size. The sewing machine is moving in my craft room, even if I don't know how to sew yet.

Here I'm on the opposite side of the room facing my son's small soon to be room. (My son was watching Toy Story and fell asleep in my daughter's bed. lol.)

This is my daughter's side of the room. This small desk, which I love, is finding a new space in my art room. I will be painting it along with the chair.

Another corner of my daughter's side.

Ok. And this. My friends, is my future all-in-one room. Of course the furniture is moving upstairs to the attic. It's my son's furniture. Omigosh, I'm so excited!

Another view of the mess! lol.

Another corner of the room. The baby paper border has to go! Lol.

I feel like I'm moving to another house! That's how crazy it's in this house. Maybe I'll show you some before and after pictures of the kitchen this weekend. If you want to see a few more detailed pictures go here.

In other note, I haven't done any layouts, or journaling or anything artsy for that matter for like 2 days now. I have to try to fit it into the chaos somehow. Is going to be hard for me because I can't function when I'm in the middle of this mess. I like to work in a clean, organized space. I feel like scrapping. I feel like drawing, painting! But right now I have to finish making room for my son's new space and my new art room (sigh)! Can't wait! Thanks for reading. Enjoy your weekend!

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Dana said...

WoW! That looks like a big project! I feel for you.. I am having some remodeling done on my bathroom and kitchen that starts tommorrow.. I am not as brave as you to do it on my own! Can't wait to see how everything comes out :)