Thursday, July 24, 2008

Alone but NOT Lonely

It's a strange feeling. Never felt it before. Other times when I've felt lonely I usually feel miserable, like there's nobody around when you need someone to talk to or a friend to be with (other than hubby of course). I don't know if anyone has felt this way before but it just feels right this time. I'm actually living a happy time right now. The few friends I have are not around when you need them but then again I don't need them right now...Huh? I know is confusing but I understand myself. I'm happy right now creating, learning, achieving, discovering, dreaming.... life is good! I have too many plans in mind. It seems like a struggle but soon it will pay back all the sacrifices Ruben (hubby) and me are doing. I know it will be better for us, it will get better. God doesn't abandon his children, ever! His grace, mercy and love is with us even when we think things are not going to get any better and that's when God turns our situation around, when we least expect it. Right? Well, I'm trusting Him. I have put all my trust in Him. Things will be better.... but right now, I'm happy! Alone but NOT Lonely!