Monday, July 14, 2008

Some things are done some are not!

Hey guys. Well I did finish some of the things I wanted to do like clean the basement do some felt craft, scrapbook etc. I did not paint my kitchen like I wanted to because my helper (my niece) had to go work and my dear hubby worked also and I didn't want to do it myself since there was so many things besides painting the kitchen walls, that I needed to do as well. Anyway I did some cleaning around the house. I went to the library to pick up some more books and magazines for some inspo. I've been taking some drawing lessons online, and so I've been busy with sketching and reading books also! I'm also in the starting stages of organizing my work space. I need more shelves. I feel I'm running out of room and sometimes I can't work freely because it's uncomfortable to spend time finding things. So this is another project in its beginning stages.
Here's a little felt toy I did for my son. My first one.

In its beginning stages and then the finished toy! We named him Perky the penguin. Mr. Perky to be exact! Lol.

I think is not that bad for it being my first felt craft. My son just loves it. He even took him to watch Walle on Saturday. Hehehe.

Some sketches I did. Needs work, I know.

more sketching

A Symmetrical sketch and then I used colored pencils to add some fun. I loved this exercise. I will be doing more eventually on my art journal. Loved, loved! So much fun.

A little layout I did for my hubby. Our anniversary was on the 29th of June but I hadn't had the time to finish this until yesterday. I gave it to him and his eyes got teary! Ahhh, I love my him. I feel blessed of having him in my life. Here's more pictures of this layout.

Another layout. Don't like it that much but it works! Lol

I got so many ideas I want to do and projects I would love to accomplish before school starts. I know, I still have about 6 weeks left before school starts again but, I would love to do as much as I can before the fall semester just because I know I will not be doing all this fun stuff when I do start my classes. I know that I"ll only have time for school work. I don't know if taking 16 credits is a good idea. Maybe I'll drop a class. I don't want to be overwhelmed later in the middle of the semester like it tends to happen. I want to learn how to draw, paint, collage, scrapbook, stitch, sew, make greeting cards, art journal, do mixed media paintings, and the list keeps growing every day! I want to sell stuff on ETSY and other places. OMG, I am going to go crazy! Lol. Oh yeah, I also want to buy my camera and shoot more. I want to get more art supplies, sign up for painting classes, take on more challenges, have my own space, my own office, my own studio! So little time, so little cash, would I ever get to do all the things I want? I'm thankful that now I'm learning so many things but is very overwhelming because I want to do it all but at the end I wined up not doing anything! Not because I don't want...Is frustrating... I sometimes feel so limited and I hate that feeling. I must learn to trust more, to have confidence in myself. I have to get organized. I need a plan. I need to set small term goals. I need to make a list. I need to start.... and finish! One step at a time. One project at a time. One lesson at a time! One day a time!
Boy! I feel I just released a little stress here...I feel I needed to get this out of my chest! It's been building up for a while now. It won't stop, though, I know. I have too many things going on in my little mind right now. Too many things I would like to do. Too many ideas, too many dreams... goals! One day at a time, right? One step at a time.....

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Michelle said...

You sound like me, wanting to make a billion things at once!! Oh's overwhelming! =) Hope you had a happy weekend!