Sunday, July 20, 2008


I worked on this art journal page yesterday. I'm really happy with the results. It was also a very relaxing, non stressful process. Usually I tend to doubt about what to do to the page, what to include, watercolors or acrylics or both, embellishments or not, rub ons or stamps, papers, stickers or all of it, and so on... And usually this process turns out to be a little overwhelming and the picture or the ideas that I wanted to create get twisted a bit. Usually, not always, but this time I'm so happy with the end results.

Okay, hubby got to put my little shelf up on the wall last night. I organized my things a bit, but I'm not completely satisfied because in my opinion, it's still a little disorganized. I will hopefully be buying color coordinating cubbies, boxes, jars, etc. I had to do this also because I needed some room for my printer which was not hooked up yet. It is now, so happy for that.

BeforeBefore: picture is a little blurry, sorry. The point is to show all this clutter I

I say "During", because I need to get better coordinating bins, boxes, jars, etc..I feel it's not done yet, but at least I feel I have more space.

I know that soon I'll be running out of space, again. More room means more artsy goodies! Lol. My wish is to have my own home studio someday. And I will hopefully include in the studio a darkroom...
Okay guys thanks for reading! Have a wonderful Sunday!

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DeeDee said...

I'd love to see a drawing/painting of you as a mermaid. Beautiful photo.