Thursday, July 31, 2008

Almost done with the bedrooms

Hello Everyone!
I stopped by to post some of the progress I've done with the cleaning up, and organizing of the rooms. These are some of the pictures I took yesterday. So far the rooms are cleaned. I thought I was never going to be done! My daughter did most of her room, of course I had to let her do some work also, lol. But here is what it looks like so far:

This room is almost done. I need to buy new window treatments, bedding and paint. Below are some pictures of what my son's side of the room looks like right now:

We just need to get him a new bed, bedding, and add paint as well. The colors my daughter and I compromised with were red for the bottom walls and white for the ceiling. I think red is a descent color both for a boy and a girl since the rooms are really two rooms in one.
I know there's no drastic changes but, remember, the point of this was to empty a room so that I can have my own work space, my all-in-one room, hehehe. That room will probably take longer to be completed since there's many things I need to purchase (furniture, storage, desks, etc. ). If you want to see more pictures go here.
Thanks for reading, enjoy your days!