Monday, June 9, 2008

Blog Make-Over!

I've been busy today creating a new look for this blog. I think it looks cool! At least, I like it....
These past days have been super hot. I had planned to go to the zoo today with my kids, sister, nieces, nephew and friends but we canceled due to this heat. We hope that next Monday the weather is a little less hot so that we can go. I think I'm going regardless of the weather! As long as we're prepared for a hot sunny day. Bottled water, frozen juices, sandwiches, spray bottles with water (to spray each other so that we cool off, lol) and whatever else helps so that we may spend a nice day at the zoo.
On my creative side, well... this new blog look has been the most I've done since the last time. I've been busy cleaning up my house, you know.... throwing things out, organizing, rearranging etc. I'm still not done. Little by little, I guess!
Okie dokie, I'm off to my reading. Good night everyone. Thanks for reading!

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