Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Art Journal

Schools were closed today due to bad weather. I tell you this weather is not getting any better, I can't wait for spring to arrive! The weather up here has been really bad this year.... too much snow and I think I had enough! College was opened but I didn't go the roads were too dangerous for me. I will, though go to my evening class today but I wanted to post pages 3 and 4 of my art journal. I took advantage of my morning off to finish these two pages I had started a few days ago! I am loving this!

Well a few weeks ago I had posted that "the time" was getting close for something I had been waiting for a long time, remember? Well, the time is here but...................
I can't reveal it yet, lol.... This weekend I will just because I want to not only blog it but show you my surprise! Again, this is very meaningful to me and been wanting this for a while now but because of "stuff" I couldn't get! lol...
I'm off to school now, enjoy your day everyone!

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