Sunday, August 3, 2008


Hello everyone. I just want to announce that I will be moving to a new blog over at I've been working on it so that it could look pretty for a few days now. I will give you the link when is all ready (sometime this week). I will like to try it there because I sometimes have too much trouble uploading pictures here but, if it doesn't work out there then I'll be back here, lol.
Boy, am I tired today. My feet hurt. my body aches. And I still have tons of stuff to do around this house. Kitchen is all nice and painted. I spend all day today putting some stuff back and moving the things in the kitchen again. I also cleaned the fridge, oven, and microwave, mop the floor, etc.... I'm beat! I'll finish the rest tomorrow! Too tired. I wanted to create something today. Scrapbook. Mini book. Paint. Draw. Read! lol. But I think I'll just relax and get some ice-cream, cuddle up in bed and watch a good movie!

Thanks for stopping by. Have a nice day!

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