Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Nothing Much...

Nothing much going on around here today, other than a chilly day, it sort of feels like an autumn day when you look outside. Weird temperature! Anyways, so I've been home doing nothing much other than sitting in front of this glowing screen reading some blogs, tutorials, and playing around with photoshop. There's some great tutorial here. Go check them out.

Original Photo

With Cross Processing Technique:

and then a texture on top of that!

Here's a really sweet layout I did last night. Every time I look at these photos I just smile. I love seeing the love these two have for each other! I never knew the maternal side of my daughter was so strong. She's going to be a great loving mom one day!

The journaling says: When I heard my mom was going to have another baby I wasn't very thrilled about. I really don't like babies that much. When he was born it was okay, I guess...but as time passed by I realized what a blessing my baby brother was. Now, I think I love him more than anything in this world. I'll do anything for him. He even bosses me around and I really don't care... I'll do anything for my baby brother! We watch movies together, we sleep together, we eat together, we play together and we act silly together! I love my baby brother, I want to adopt him, too. I think I have enough experience now, and I don't care if he bosses me around or I become his slave! I love him and that's all it counts!

Okay my peeps, have a nice day (or whatever is left of it)!

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