Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Art Journal

Okay so, I'm not a artsy person, I can't draw, paint or even sketch very well and because of these reasons I decided to start my very own Art Journal. I've been inspired by many wonderful artistic people at flickr and many of their blogs. I wanted to create this journal so that my artsy side may be pushed to the surface. In this journal anything goes.... I will not worry about neatness, planning, or how well I'll draw, paint or sketch things. Basically, allow my imagination run as I go but most of all allowing my inner feelings and emotions take over the pages! Is all about bringing out what's inside! Here's my first two pages:

I have really enjoyed doing these. I'm really loving it. When I started with the second page I was actually feeling very "down" and anxious about stuff that had happened on that day. I really felt a big relief when I was done with this page. It actually felt as if my anxiety had been left and dropped on that page. Is amazing but this is true. I've always used wrting as a way for me to express myself and at times relieve some of unwanted feelings and emotions. I have always kept personal journals since I could remember. But, never in an artsy way. I tell 'ya, it also worked for me, I love it! I am currently doing research online about paint, and paper and other techniques I could incorporate later on in the art journal. Some pages will probably be too personal to share but I'll try my best to post my journal pages here.

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