Monday, January 21, 2008

Just Blogging

Finally! Man! I've been trying to blog for the past hour, seriously! Something's wrong with this slow computer! It took me forever to download these pictures! But finally...done!

In another note, I hope you all had a nice weekend and Martin Luther King Day off! I sure did! Not that I had fun, but did alot of catching up with things around the house, my assignments, and reading. I even started this new journal I've been wanting to start. It's my Inpirational Journal. I will be putting things in here that inspire me, things I want to get, ideas for organizing, decorate, etc. Here's a few photos I shot of it yesterday.

I'm still wanting and waiting to move in to my son's room and re-do it and transform it into my working space. I can't wait. Not yet, though....soon,

Well tomorrow I'm off to school, and the running around begins, driving and picking up the kids. My 4 year old son just gives me the hardest time every morning. He does not want to wake up, yet go to preschool. I'm always rushing in the morning! Just because my son does not want to cooperate with us (my daughter and me). My daughter is almost always late because of it. This week I will challenge myself to be early dropping off my Jazzy and Dariel to school! Hehehe.

Have a wonderful night!

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The Tucker's and Wolek's said...

Look how organized U are!!! You go girl!! :):):)